About Me

I’m just a normal bloke trying to keep fit…

My name’s Ben, I’m 40 years old living in Dorset, England. Married, two kids, I work in sales and have had an on/off relationship with sport all my life!

About three years ago, on the sofa with the missus and well into our second glass of wine she peered at my iPad and snorted “ha! you cant do a triathlon“. Charming, eh?!! Anyway, I signed up – I’d been playing five-a-side footy for the last 8 or so years every Monday night and thought “Yes, I can”! I had two weeks to train before my first sprint Tri…

I completed it. I liked it. I overloaded on fluids and needed to go to the loo at T2 but I thought I can work on this. I decided to complete a three year experiment to see what I could learn. It also gave me a reason to stop my occasional smoking habit.

So, today (after three years of competing) I completed a 35k bike ride and decided to do a half IronMan next year. This blog is to share my training experience and experiments, and to have a record I can look back on that is slightly more interesting than my Garmin logs! Who knows, but hopefully I’ll also write something that might be useful to other normal blokes trying to keep fit?

You can find my 3 minute interview as an Ordnance Survey #getoutside brand ambassador here.

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