Ringwood Triathlon 2016

Ringwood Triathlon 2016

Return to the scene of the crime… Ringwood triathlon is my annual ‘get the first race under the belt’ session. You could say that it’s too cold, too early or give some other reason not to race but it’s always been a good barometer for me coming out of the off season and helps identify what I … [Read more…]

Running Free – new kicks

Having only been running for around three years it occurred to me that getting a professional shoe fitting might be useful. In my defence I have had run training and so my technique isnt too bad but the difference a bike fitting made to my rides was significant. Surely this might also be the case … [Read more…]

Triathlon training – Strength (2 of 2)

Strength training This is post 2 of 2. The theme is that ooh so contentious subject: strength for endurance. A few days ago I posted a article on legs so today is the other half. I don’t dismiss the argument that strength training isn’t for everyone, the beauty of triathlon is that every training regime is … [Read more…]

Monthly Review (January)

Dry January = Completed! Not a bad month considering I picked up an injury in the second week which pretty much ruled out two weeks of training. At this time of the year it was mentally tough to take that on the chin and sit out a while whilst I healed. The gap in aerobic training … [Read more…]

Triathlon training – Strength (1 of 2)


Strength Training Now I’m over my Sartorious muscle issues and I’ve regained my fitness through bike, swim and run sessions in the last two weeks I can get back into my off season build. Resistance training was always part of the plan but due to the lost time I’m going to reduce the period but increase the frequency. Caveat! I’ve … [Read more…]