ordnance survey

Super quick post today to announce I am now an official brand ambassador for Ordnance Survey #GetOutside… This is a huge and exciting step for TriathlonDaddy. Means I’ll be getting out and about more, and telling everyone about it, which is great! It means more support for the events I have coming up this year … [Read more…]

Tendon salad

tendon salad

I’m injured. Hamstring this time, having spent the first week of training clearly trying to do too much. My recurring niggle is Achilles Tendonitis so, I thought it worthwhile to spend some time reading around the subject; let’s try to improve my tendons and ligaments through vitamins and minerals. I have a busy schedule ahead this year… … [Read more…]

Headphones for running – Soul Electronics Flex

Soul Electronics Flex Earphones

Who doesn’t like new gadg?! I’m certain some triathletes (not me, obviously) are only in it because of all the cool toys you get to play with! The latest addition is, now I’ve used them, one of those pieces of kit I wish I bought sooner. A ‘decent‘ pair of headphones for running. My previous £8 pair … [Read more…]

Monthly Review (December 2015)

Iford river

Happy New Year! December’s review is pretty damning, I’ll be honest. I have unashamedly had the last three weeks off everything and bathed in mince pies and port, got up late and generally let it go! Well it was Christmas. Body Composition Activity OK, so I’ve probably set myself back a little and there’s no … [Read more…]

Monthly review (October 2015)

Welcome to my October 2015 review, a little late! Since starting the blog in September much has happened but first things first… Stats Weight BMI Visceral Skel muscle Body Fat Month 73.95 24 7.5 37.3 21.82 October 73.3 24 7 38 22.1 Sept Activity Activity Name Type Course Date Time Distance Elev Home 20k Run — 30/10/15 01:52:32 … [Read more…]

Achilles heel? Achilles tendon!

This week saw the resurgence of an old issue that had long been forgotten… The off season has well and truly begun. High winds, grey, sleety skies and riding now limited to the turbo…everything else is fine though; including getting back to strength training in my gym. After a pretty demanding intervals session I took a … [Read more…]

Off season resistance training

It’s the off season now, the next race isn’t until the end of March. So it’s base miles out on the road and strength training in my garage gym. Today’s session is a fairly easy all round workout to get my muscles back aching again…not too badly though!!! I’ll be breaking a version of this … [Read more…]

Digging deep…

I had to dig deep today. Some days it’s ‘eye of the tiger’…some days it’s calculated focus…today was ‘why am I putting myself through this’!! I hit classic ‘rut‘ mentality today. Had next to no energy, was thinking there is plenty of time before the season kicks off in April, felt sick, the kids had … [Read more…]